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Top 5 Tips for Efficient Installation of a Network

Network installation is the process of ensuring communication between computers. A network is where computer hardware components and computers are interconnected by communication channels that allow the send and receive of resources and information via a cable. For this to happen, some activities, methods, procedures, and tools are used to connect the administration and maintenance […]

Why Is It Important to Know the Network Topology

What is in your company’s network? In what offices, floors, or buildings all the equipment is situated? What devices are connected to routers and switches? All these questions do not seem as just curiosity when it comes to documenting all the network, especially if it consists of dozens or even hundreds hosts, that are located […]

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Network Administrator

The responsibilities of Network Administrators vary depending on the size of the business as well as the infrastructure. Generally a network administrator requires two to four years of training as well as on the job experience. They main basic tasks while working are: Network installation/setup Security and stability monitoring Periodic updating and testing Expanding the […]