Submitting Web Articles, Increase Content Distribution

The goal of any online article submission is to provide the reader with a solution.

Everyone says the way to drive traffic is to write an article, give it to an article directory. How do you know the most effective way to use an article to create traffic to a website?

Give it to someone’s forum site or blog. [A little thing called market syndication. Give an article to a blog; putting the article in specific niche market gets eyes to go there.


You got quality traffic checking out your website, forum, or blog. And it’s Free. Hello. Stay with me here. What is your site about? Get in the subject matter. Study content distribution. Research the keyword phrases to use as the title of your article. [Hint: use long tail keywords]

Web traffic is constantly flowing like the Amazon. It’s all about directing the flow of the current. Hundreds of millions of people online every day, it’s not difficult to get people to look will look. There’s an easy way to increase content distribution, by way of submitting web article.

-title [use long tail keywords to for most eyes to see]
-content [Quality driven subject matter subject matter]
-resource box [use an email signature to send people to your site]

Answering the who, what, when, where, why and how’s…
Offer a solution to the area of a personal niche that sparks interest in you. It must have that personal touch that only comes from something the writer’s passionate about. Or stick with one of the proven billion dollar industries; health, wealth, or life style.

Research people’s questions in forum sites and website blogs to increase laser-targeted, interested people. A useful way to get on Google’s first page searches is to use 2-3 keywords in your content. Use each keyword or keyword phrase in your title once. Don’t overdo it. Not only will people not want to read it, but a lot of article directories won’t even post it.

The best way to make sure the most eyes see by submitting web articles to increase content distribution.

To see financial income online, Use this learned info to get the results you are looking for now.

Jeremy MacDonald lives in Scottsdale, AZ and has been an internet marketer since Dec. of 2010.

I have tried internet marketing in the past and only recently learned the few necessary skills that give results.

My mentor has walked me step-by-step using non-technical verbiage and easy to follow videos.

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